Sunday, July 27, 2008

New England Breakfast

Check out our latest edition, the New England breakfast basket, filled with delicious goods from the new England region.

From Blueberry pancake mix to Ivy Cottage cranberry orange scones, Vermont maple, Boston best coffee, Boston harbor tea, Cape Cod cranberry spread plus grape and apple jellies, what a great reason to keep coming back!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Corporate Gift giving - Tips to increase business

Did you ever think outside the box when it comes to getting more customers? Did you ever think of thanking the people that give you regular business or may refer clientele to you? If you didn't then it is time to start! The Competition is probably already doing this to retain clients.....

In this age of take what you can get and move on, there is a huge gap to be filled with simple etiquette that can reward you a hundred fold.

Each referal or piece of business is worth gold and a simple thank you gift will make the recipient feel like a million dollars. We all like to think that we are appreciated, and I know if I was thanked with a little gift I would continue to pass on business and think of other people to add to the chain.

For example, a simple referal program in the corner of your waiting room would attract attention while people are waiting.

' Refer a client and receive this beautiful gift basket filled with goodies !' - simple and to the point.

Take a Break

How about sending a small gift to a regular client next time they place an order, just to say thanks. How many people do that these days? See 'Take a break' from Corporate Gifts Boston.

Gourmet gifts make a perfect way to aid in this. They can be personalized and budgeted to suit you and your clients needs. Rather than rack your brain thinking of something suitable, everyone likes to eat, especially something they would not normally buy for themselves.

Great gift designers would go out of their way for their clients to personalize gifts along with gourmet food. Add in a little Company momento such as a logo business pen or mug. Check the local retail section for the clients pass-time or hobby to add in.

Prices may frighten people but there are ways to make it economical, for example, you know your client has a penchant for smoked salmon but surely that would be expensive? Easy, stack a gift as opposed to making a presentation in a basket or container. See the Elegant favor from Corporate Gifts Boston - Foccacia crisps make the ideal base for a stack of Salmon, wine cheese and a little chocolate, bowed up to look fabulous and only $28! What's wrong with that?

Elegant Favor

A little plumage can make your gift look twice as expensive and still do the job. The next time you have a Management meeting, why not have a little Corporate favor at the tables? Wafers stacked with a little truffles look adorable and classy, and are not that expensive. It may give your staff ideas for their clients the next time they are making routine sales calls. Or how about coffee cups for the meeting? Stacked with cookies, teas and coffees, this is a perfect and reasonable idea that would be great for secretaries or administrators of your clients. At times, these staff can be influential on business decisions and product usage, look after them well! Remember their birthdays, it's as easy as that.

Coffee Cup Favors

How about having a business card drawing next time you are at a trade show or fair. Again a gourmet gift can have your business items included to remind people of who you are are the next time they need service.

How about the timing of your gifts? Traditional gift giving is around the holidays, but think about it, how many gifts are given to clients/suppliers all at once? Rather than Christmas for an annual thank you, why not make your gift stand out by giving it at Thanksgiving or for New years? Or any other special time of the year?

Simple ideas that work, for more ideas and your unique Corporate gift giving, contact Corporate Gifts Boston!