Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rosh Hashanah gifts in the US and Canada

The sweetness of Israeli Honey and green apples welcomes the New year.   Send these gifts to your friends and loved one sin the US or in Canada.

 USA    The Rosh Hashanah Gift basket is filled with Lins Farm Honey from Israel and other Kosher treats, including Stretch Island Fruit Co. Green apple strips, Liberty Fruits Fruit & walnut bites.

 Canada -  the Rosh Hashanah gift basket  Includes Wildflower Honey from Israel, Honey Candy and Apple Strudel bites.
Canada - Shana Tova basket  including Apple Cinnamon Preserves and Wild flower Honey from Israel, brown Sugar cookies and red pepper crackers.

All the items in these gifts are marked Kosher.      We happily arrange the Canadian gifts through our agent in Toronto who ships across country.