Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tour of New England in a Basket

We want to support our Local suppliers, and what a delight their products are. All natural, some Vegan and Parve, no MSG and organic eggs too!

Take a tour from:'- Maine - York Harbor table biscuits, Josephines Black Pepper and Fennel.

Vermont - Gormlys Dipping Pretzels and Raspberry Honey dijon mustard, Raspberry Chambord or Maple Apple topping sauce, Teriyaki Maple or Apple hickory grilling sauce.

Boston Cookies - Oatmeal Raisin cookie pack, Giant Lemon Poppy seed cookie, Vegan and parve made with fine ingredients cholesterol free.

Cape Cod- Bountiful gourmet Country Corn chowder, Nantucket Pantry Columbian coffee and Coastal Breeze Just cranberry real Iced tea. Delicious!

If we all support local, then we can help to make a difference and keep these wonderful products going.