Friday, January 22, 2010

Gifts to Germany and Europe

Welcome to the newest country and region on our site! We are delighted to introduce this range of high quality gifts to our line up for Germany and Europe and know they will be a great success. The diversity of the produce, wines and chocolates will make you long to try some yourself, only in Europe can all these tastes come together as a tribute to culinary success.

A taste of Provence is shown above

International affairs, is a perfect gift for an Important Corporate client. Fine wines and savory and sweet delights.

The Chocolate Hamper - a stunning display of Europe's finest chocolates.

The Milano Basket - All the Tastes of Italy, purely Italian with all the accoutrements.

Check out the Germany and Europe sections of our site which are currently being updated. Gifts are sent from Gemany, see see both sections for pricing and delivery details.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentines gifts USA

Romanza -
A hamper full of love surrounded by Rose petals......

Cupid is getting his arrows sharpened, ready to pass around his love. Be ready, no matter how far you are by arranging your Valentines gifts in advance. We will happily send your gifts across the USA and Internationally.

We have a selection of gifts already on our site starting from below $30! Browse our selection on line but here are a few to start you off.

Chocolate Dreams - say no more..........

The Elegant Favor The Dulce Favor

Gifts below $30 - elegant and tasty.

Teddy bear Hugs -
Cookies, Scone mixes, preserves, chcolates, cookies to name a few items, with love and a hug.

There are never enough hugs to go around.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Send cakes to Kuwait

We are now adding the newer range of cakes and basket gifts from our Kuwait agent to our site. Exciting new flavors and mixtures to enhance the range that we now offer.

This Fruity cake is a definite winner! Who could resist?

The One Day basket is a delectable mix of beverages, chocolates, nuts, cake, savoury chips, cookies, preserves and dates. And all delivered by hand as part pf the price, what a deal.

Take a look at the newer gifts and there is more coming......