Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fathers day gifts

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The day the Dad's love when they get more spoiling than normal!
Check out our gifts and remember we cover many countries around the World.

The Bounty box is filled with cookies, chocolates, coffee and bon bons and makes an elegant but not too expensive gift to send to Dad. Can be made savoury on request.

The Butlers Wine tray is ideal for a Dad that enjoys a relaxing glass of wine. All these goodies will bring out the flavors and a little sweetness for after.......

A Mans World - This is probably our most popular gent's gift. A filled Old World Map planter box that would look great after with a Plant inside.

La Dolce Vita - The sweet life and this dark wood catched box certainly is filled with all things that Dad would love. Smoked salmon pate, Dips, Wine flavored cheese, luxury Popcorn, and the Dolce Vita snack mix to name a few.

The Kosher tray - All Parve or Kosher marked items make up this attractive dark rattan tray.

UK The Continental - Very special gift to send to the UK for Dad filled with many Mediterranean delights.

Canada Savoury only - Useful black hat box design filled with tasty treats for Dad.

Kuwait the One day basket - For those Dads serving over seas or working overseas. Snack basket to make him smile.

Many more country gifts available, do check our site frequently.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Send a Dog or Cat gift basket.

A Dog gift was needed! Here we have a theme doggy gift box and take a guess at the birthday theme?

Filled with small dog toys, paw print feeding bowl, organic shampoo and stain odor remover plus Cinqo de Mayo sombrero and Mexican flag plus Fiesta colors.

Happy to customise for your recipient, snacks an be included if wanted. Send your Doggy or Cat wishes!