Thursday, July 21, 2011

International Ramadan gifts 2011 Video

We are delighted to present our newest video clip for ramdan gifts in the USA, Dubai & The Emirates and Kuwait.       Ahlan w'Sahlan !

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Send Ramadan gifts in the USA

These lovely Arabic influenced gifts are available for shipping across the US. Happy to customize or add any particular request with a days notice to purchase.


                                                  Ramadan Tray  Dates, Nougat, Figs, Mixed Nuts and Crackers with Olive tapenade.

                                                   Fruit and Nut Bounty   A lidded box filled with healthy delights, perfect to celebrate Ramdan and Eide.

Mediterranean Montage  Greek or Arabic gourmet foods. Dates, twisted Halwa, fruits and nuts plus Sesame crcakers and olives.

                                              The Arabic Chest

Lovely Dark wooden chest filled with Maamoul date cakes, Malban Lebanese sweets, Figs, Pomegranite Juice, Dried Fruit mix, Sesame bars, Smoked Almonds and Olives.

                                                      Iftar Surprise  Turkish Delight, Arabic Coffee, dates, Nougat, Olives and more. perfect to break fast.