Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ireland gift hampers

We are pleased to announce the arrival shortly of Gift hampers for Ireland, Republican and N Ireland from Corporate Gifts Boston. The new season line will be added shortly and will include fruit baskets and Festive hampers all inclusive of delivery and local taxes.

Order from the US in US dollars for delivery to friends and family in Ireland all year round.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

India Gift giving tips

India – Tips on gift giving

from www.corporategiftsboston.com

The ancient, diverse and vast, multi-cultural, multi tongued land of the Mughal Empire, conjures up much in one’s mind. The beauty of the landscape, the majesty of her relics and buildings, the scents of its spices and foods, the hub-bub of her bazaars, the mystic quality of her music and dance. It heightens ones senses all at once!

Once visited, never forgotten, with a longing for more. This country that holds some of my own roots………..

The Taj Mahal

A beautiful symbol of love everlasting

As in many countries in the East, there are certain in-auspicious things to avoid when giving gifts, whether numerical, religious or just traditional cultural customs that may offend in this country. Some may surprise you if never considered in advance, so worth taking note even though Indians in general would never appear offended in front of you. They would be delighted if you had taken the time to respect their cultures and beliefs.

It is interesting to hear that Indians believe gift giving helps the transition into the next life. I like that idea!

Gift giving in India has occurred since ancient times, when cattle, grain, fabric, gold and silver would have been given to peers and family. With all the traditional festivals and cultural events, it gives an ideal opportunity for mutual gift giving. Nowadays, this would include Valentines, Mothers day, Fathers day in tandem with the West, but the festivals of Holi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and Dussera among many others would be popular.

Traditionally Indian sweetmeats and mithais would be given ( see Diwali treat from Corporate Gifts Boston, Dubai gift), but even alternate gifts these days would be considered like re-cycled, green themed or eco-friendly for those who do not follow the norm.

Diwali Treats ( Corporate Gifts Boston Dubai gift)

Generally gifts are not opened in front of the giver but put aside for opening later unless persuaded otherwise.

Flowers are still very popular but one must be careful which flowers to pick, for example Frangipani or white flowers are used at funerals, so best not to use. Each area may have other flower preferences but usually roses are safe. Colors are another thing to be careful with. White and black in general are considered in-auspicious, whereas red, yellow and green are lucky. Wrap gifts in those colors.

Money in cash form is usually given to friends and family to celebrate life events as is gold, but if you have decided to give cash, remember certain auspicious numbers, 11,51,101 and 501, add a digit to make a number un-even. It is not advisable to get too expensive a gift unless the recipients are known well for one of these events, as may embarrass the receiver. It is expected to reciprocate so may not be practical for them to do so. Gold and jewelry is also given at this time and is considered an intimate gift so not correct for a man to give to an Indian woman unless a family member or close friend.

In many parts of India, alcohol is culturally not acceptable, but if you know the host keeps alcohol at home, a good bottle of Scotch whiskey or wine would be appreciated!

As in the Muslim religion, one should avoid certain leathers, especially for a Hindu who can often be vegetarian. The cow is considered sacred, so it is not only pig skin or ostrich leather than can offend.

If possible it is acceptable to ask a family what they may like if you are visiting from another country. There are many very basic items that we take for granted that are un-available in India or very expensive and would be a real hit. Electronics, computer discs, instant foods, disposable razors, toiletries to name a few.

At the end of the day, it is the sincerity with which the gift is given that matters more than the value. Which if you think about is the best way to go everywhere.

Queen Victoria named India the Jewell in her Crown, when part of the British Empire. One can understand this analogy, it is such a fascinatingly beautiful and rich country, truly a memory that I hold dear.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Personalized gifts

We have added to our site a couple of ideas that we have made for customers that are personalized by request.

The first is monogrammed LL Bean bags, that were then filled to a value with gourmet items. This was a summer look and included floating candles and brightly colored candy tubes.

The bags would need to be purchased seperately and drop shipped to us for onward shipping. A nice idea, although be aware the shipping on bigger items like this may be expensive, one could always go smaller on the bags.

The other item we are showing is a childrens trunk. This one in the Princess theme has been made into a cooking trunk, filled with childrens utensils, apron, chef hat, mit and cooking book.
Plus sprinkles, cup cake cases and cutters galore. Another is a make believe trunk filled with dress up clothes, jewellery and Book on Princess Manners!

Most of this is bought retail so more time is needed to obtain items but certainly an idea if you want to be different.

Please call for information on this kind of gift and give us ideas of what you are looking for, we are willing to have a go! .

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Season UK Hampers


We are pleased to announce the new Season hampers for the UK and Europe. They include Christmas and New Year hampers for the Festivities, along with floral and pamper gifts, wine and port.

Please take a look and bookmark for the holidays. We will be giving clear time frames ahead of time and remember all prices include delivery to the UK, EU and non Eu countries need further quote.