Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Hampers in Dubai ordered from the US

We are about to add our Christmas hampers for Dubai and The Emirates by ordering from the States! Please watch in the next day or so for additions!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Irish Hamper/ British Hamper

The Irish Hamper

Personalized gift section

Send a theme Irish or British hamper or gift basket in the US.

This is a specialty gift that we made for a client, who added her own alcohol for delivery herself, can be made with food only to ship. We have an Irish theme shown that included an Irish Christmas plum pudding, Guinness mustard, plus Irish Tea, Irish marmalade, British cookies, toffees and chocolates, Cadbury and Walkers shortcakes. Wine cheeses, crackers, and cookies plus Irish momento's namely Irish notepad with daily blessings and Shamrock seeds! Festive look with shamrock, Leprechaun hat, Holly posy plus Christmas Crackers.

We can adapt for British look but time needed to retail shop, so call early for pricing. This one was costed at $150 made bar the clients additions.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Festive Fair trade gift

We have added another gift to our Eco Green range, this time a Festive basket including a Rice Hull grow your own plant. Shown is the Heirloom Christmas Tree although Herbs and Tomato plants are also available. The pots are made from re-newable grain husks and are suitable indoors and out.

Surrounding the rice hull planter are Equal Exchange Fair trade coffee (12oz), plus the 5 oz Organic sweetened Cranberry snacks, and 2 bars of their Organic Chocolate bars, Orange and Expresso Bean shown.

Served in a wicker basket and nestling among Festive greens and berries on natural excelsior. Lovely for a Eco conscious gift recipient, whether personal or Corporate. Please order early to get your choice of planter, we can expand on request.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Send flowers to Boston!

Apple Martini Bouquet

We are proud to include in our line up for Boston and New England, a beautiful range of floral gifts sent from our partner Florist in the heart of the city, from eclectic, Apple Martini bouquet to classic Victorian Romance planter.

We have picked from the best, plus the price includes delivery to the Greater Boston area. We can obtain prices for outside this area or National too! Check them out and let us know if we can help you! Yet another elegant set of designs for you to choose from, whether in the US or from overseas. International orders are accepted.

Autumn Essence Scenterpiece!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Christmas Hamper

We have added to our Festive gifts line up :

'The Christmas Hamper'

- set in a Fern suitcase and shipped closed with delicate tissue, adorned with Festive red ribbons and bow, can be used time and time again for picnics through the year.

It contains an elegant assortment to include, smoked salmon, beef summer sausage, Cafe thin breads, truffles, Raspberry Honey dijon dipping mustard and pretzels, decadent cookies, Orange spice tea house and Coffees to name a few.

Fabulous gift all through the year for family, friends or Corporate clients.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Irish Hampers available to order from the US with Corporate Gifts Boston

Roisin Dubh hamper

We are pleased to announce to arrival of our Irish hamper line with more Festive hampers arriving shortly. These wonderful gifts will be orderable from our site and delivered inclusive of all charges and taxes from the US in Dollars! Please take a look and make your selections for the holidays and all year round. We are delighted to include Ireland into our International line up and look forward to a successful cross Atlantic exchange.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Order Flowers in the US for Dubai and the Emirates.

We are pleased to add Flowers for delivery to Dubai and the Emirates to our International line up. Who could resist sending these beautiful flowers through the year to friends and relatives living and working overseas for their special occasions.

Here is Cottage Chic, a mixture of Dark and light pink roses with eucalyptus and Gypsophilia set in a pretty wicker basket, gorgeous! Please check out the other designs including chocolate additions too.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Seasons gifts newsletter

Here are the Seasons gifts for your perusal. It may seem early but the early bird catches the worm as they say, plus it may be a good time to think about whether to give only at the Christmas, December festive season or whether to maybe send your gifts early for Fall or Thanksgiving instead.

There is much to be said for being the first gift giver of the season, rather than in the melee of the holidays with all that it entails. It would certainly be remembered and is something for you to think about in advance, hence the timing of our newsletter.

Fall and Thanksgiving

Autumn Leaves - the colors of the Season with Fruits, Nuts, Jellies, Mustards, Crackers, sausages, cheese and more. Surrounded by Pheasant feathers, maple leaves and flowers from the woods. Such a beautiful time of the year, especially in New England!

Pumpkin Harvest - Bold and elegant with a Pumpkin theme. Wine flavored cheese and crackers, almond shortcakes, smoked almonds, french bon bons, coffee, hot chocolates - perfect for those cooler days, decadent cookies and more.

Christmas and Festive season gifts

Festive Gourmet - a snack filled honey willow tray. Truffles, cookies, bon bons, tea, coffee, and hot chocolates, pretzels, summer beef sausage, crackers, cheddar to name a few. Golden fruit pick to enhance your gift.

Holly and The Ivy! - An elegant gift set in an antique basket tray. Can be expanded. Smoked salmon, artichoke dip, wine flavored cheeses, cheddar, orange spice tea house, Buckleys English toffees, crackers, wine biscuits, Focaccia crisps and more. trimmed with Holly, Ivy and seasonal berries.

Seasons Greetings - Bold red shades in a split wicker antique tray. Buckleys thimble cookies, sausage, Bon appetit snack mix, Fruit medley, mustard, Butter cookies, stone wheat crackers, coffees and teas. Lovely way to show your appreciation in the Season.

Sleigh Ride - Pretty gift that will not break the Bank! Orange spice house, Walkers shortcakes, Almond Roca, chocolate wafers, smoked almonds and chocolate mixes. And afterwards a decorative sleigh to use every year.

Yuletide Joy - A wonderful Corporate Gift or gentlemans gift. Set in an 'old world map' planter. Merlot cheese, cheddar, caramel popcorn, truffles, orange spice tea house, cookies,wafers, and nuts.

Please give us plenty of time for bulk orders. Thankgiving for shipping purposes should be with us by November 12th. Orders over 10 for Season by last week in November, Monday 24th. Smaller orders by 1st week of December. Please check website for fuller details of inclusions and prices, if you need to personalize please order early!

International hamper gifts for UK and Europe, Ireland (shortly) and Dubai and the Emirates on our web page.

Happy Seasons planning!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eco Friendly gift

After several requests we have produced an eco friendly, fair trade gift for our site.

Eco Green is a wicker basket filled with Equal Exchange small Farmer co-operative products, including Coffee from South America, Pyramid teas, Organic snacks including cranberries, almonds or pecans plus organic chocolate bars. The Equal Exchange story is fascinating, including the fact that you can trace the grower of your product based on dates of the products on the back. Along with these items we are including a 'Tree to be' product, shown is a hessian bag with a Ginkgo Biloba tree kit which is one of the most ancient trees known to man with medicinal properties. Other kits are available, as well as organic Rice Hull plants made from renewable grain husks that are 100% bio-degradable.

Finally we included a Tibetan Soy candle and a Tibetan bundle of Juniper incense - heavenly!

They are nestled in natural excelsior with simple cranberry embellishments and leaves. Perfect for the eco conscious recipient or Company. We will show more looks as time permits.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ireland gift hampers
We are pleased to announce the arrival shortly of Gift hampers for Ireland, Republican and N Ireland from Corporate Gifts Boston. The new season line will be added shortly and will include fruit baskets and Festive hampers all inclusive of delivery and local taxes.

Order from the US in US dollars for delivery to friends and family in Ireland all year round.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

India Gift giving tips

India – Tips on gift giving


The ancient, diverse and vast, multi-cultural, multi tongued land of the Mughal Empire, conjures up much in one’s mind. The beauty of the landscape, the majesty of her relics and buildings, the scents of its spices and foods, the hub-bub of her bazaars, the mystic quality of her music and dance. It heightens ones senses all at once!

Once visited, never forgotten, with a longing for more. This country that holds some of my own roots………..

The Taj Mahal

A beautiful symbol of love everlasting

As in many countries in the East, there are certain in-auspicious things to avoid when giving gifts, whether numerical, religious or just traditional cultural customs that may offend in this country. Some may surprise you if never considered in advance, so worth taking note even though Indians in general would never appear offended in front of you. They would be delighted if you had taken the time to respect their cultures and beliefs.

It is interesting to hear that Indians believe gift giving helps the transition into the next life. I like that idea!

Gift giving in India has occurred since ancient times, when cattle, grain, fabric, gold and silver would have been given to peers and family. With all the traditional festivals and cultural events, it gives an ideal opportunity for mutual gift giving. Nowadays, this would include Valentines, Mothers day, Fathers day in tandem with the West, but the festivals of Holi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and Dussera among many others would be popular.

Traditionally Indian sweetmeats and mithais would be given ( see Diwali treat from Corporate Gifts Boston, Dubai gift), but even alternate gifts these days would be considered like re-cycled, green themed or eco-friendly for those who do not follow the norm.

Diwali Treats ( Corporate Gifts Boston Dubai gift)

Generally gifts are not opened in front of the giver but put aside for opening later unless persuaded otherwise.

Flowers are still very popular but one must be careful which flowers to pick, for example Frangipani or white flowers are used at funerals, so best not to use. Each area may have other flower preferences but usually roses are safe. Colors are another thing to be careful with. White and black in general are considered in-auspicious, whereas red, yellow and green are lucky. Wrap gifts in those colors.

Money in cash form is usually given to friends and family to celebrate life events as is gold, but if you have decided to give cash, remember certain auspicious numbers, 11,51,101 and 501, add a digit to make a number un-even. It is not advisable to get too expensive a gift unless the recipients are known well for one of these events, as may embarrass the receiver. It is expected to reciprocate so may not be practical for them to do so. Gold and jewelry is also given at this time and is considered an intimate gift so not correct for a man to give to an Indian woman unless a family member or close friend.

In many parts of India, alcohol is culturally not acceptable, but if you know the host keeps alcohol at home, a good bottle of Scotch whiskey or wine would be appreciated!

As in the Muslim religion, one should avoid certain leathers, especially for a Hindu who can often be vegetarian. The cow is considered sacred, so it is not only pig skin or ostrich leather than can offend.

If possible it is acceptable to ask a family what they may like if you are visiting from another country. There are many very basic items that we take for granted that are un-available in India or very expensive and would be a real hit. Electronics, computer discs, instant foods, disposable razors, toiletries to name a few.

At the end of the day, it is the sincerity with which the gift is given that matters more than the value. Which if you think about is the best way to go everywhere.

Queen Victoria named India the Jewell in her Crown, when part of the British Empire. One can understand this analogy, it is such a fascinatingly beautiful and rich country, truly a memory that I hold dear.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Personalized gifts
We have added to our site a couple of ideas that we have made for customers that are personalized by request.

The first is monogrammed LL Bean bags, that were then filled to a value with gourmet items. This was a summer look and included floating candles and brightly colored candy tubes.

The bags would need to be purchased seperately and drop shipped to us for onward shipping. A nice idea, although be aware the shipping on bigger items like this may be expensive, one could always go smaller on the bags.

The other item we are showing is a childrens trunk. This one in the Princess theme has been made into a cooking trunk, filled with childrens utensils, apron, chef hat, mit and cooking book.
Plus sprinkles, cup cake cases and cutters galore. Another is a make believe trunk filled with dress up clothes, jewellery and Book on Princess Manners!

Most of this is bought retail so more time is needed to obtain items but certainly an idea if you want to be different.

Please call for information on this kind of gift and give us ideas of what you are looking for, we are willing to have a go! .

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Season UK Hampers

We are pleased to announce the new Season hampers for the UK and Europe. They include Christmas and New Year hampers for the Festivities, along with floral and pamper gifts, wine and port.

Please take a look and bookmark for the holidays. We will be giving clear time frames ahead of time and remember all prices include delivery to the UK, EU and non Eu countries need further quote.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ramadan approaches

As Ramadan approaches on the 1st September, send relatives and friends gifts in the UAE from Corporate Gifts Boston through our direct link to Dubai.

Beautiful Ramadan Chest gift

- see Ramadan Chest from

filled with an assortment of dates, dried fruit and mixed nuts.

Elegant basket with stand.
- see Date medley from

Full selection of filled dates plus chocolates, biscuits and nuts.

A great way to celebrate this wonderful time of year for all Muslims. Our prices include all delivery charges too!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Autumn Leaves

Before we know it, Fall will be at our doorstep! Please see our new Fall basket - Autumn leaves.

Rich and golden to make a statement, and filled with all the good things nature can give us, nuts, berries, jams, sausage, cheese, Allegro cookies, thinbreads and pretzels, teas, hot chocolates and lemon twist chews and more.

Accented with crab apples, Pheasant feathers and fall leaves, plus the orange and yellow poppies that grow wild in our fields. I can almost smell the woods in Fall........

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ladies room baskets

We have added another item to our wedding collection, the Ladies room basket which is a wonderful enhancement to a bathroom or wedding ladies sitting room. Filled with all the needs of the da
y, including 2 pairs of slippers for the feet that have danced the night away!

Along with the Bare necessities larger amenities basket, (see Corporate Gifts Boston website),the baskets include lotions, potions, sewing kits, toothbrushes, pins, clear varnish etc.etc. All surrounded by tulle, blooms and butterflies to your color requirements. Elegant and affordable to complete your wedding day guest needs.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New England Breakfast

Check out our latest edition, the New England breakfast basket, filled with delicious goods from the new England region.

From Blueberry pancake mix to Ivy Cottage cranberry orange scones, Vermont maple, Boston best coffee, Boston harbor tea, Cape Cod cranberry spread plus grape and apple jellies, what a great reason to keep coming back!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Corporate Gift giving - Tips to increase business

Did you ever think outside the box when it comes to getting more customers? Did you ever think of thanking the people that give you regular business or may refer clientele to you? If you didn't then it is time to start! The Competition is probably already doing this to retain clients.....

In this age of take what you can get and move on, there is a huge gap to be filled with simple etiquette that can reward you a hundred fold.

Each referal or piece of business is worth gold and a simple thank you gift will make the recipient feel like a million dollars. We all like to think that we are appreciated, and I know if I was thanked with a little gift I would continue to pass on business and think of other people to add to the chain.

For example, a simple referal program in the corner of your waiting room would attract attention while people are waiting.

' Refer a client and receive this beautiful gift basket filled with goodies !' - simple and to the point.

Take a Break

How about sending a small gift to a regular client next time they place an order, just to say thanks. How many people do that these days? See 'Take a break' from Corporate Gifts Boston.

Gourmet gifts make a perfect way to aid in this. They can be personalized and budgeted to suit you and your clients needs. Rather than rack your brain thinking of something suitable, everyone likes to eat, especially something they would not normally buy for themselves.

Great gift designers would go out of their way for their clients to personalize gifts along with gourmet food. Add in a little Company momento such as a logo business pen or mug. Check the local retail section for the clients pass-time or hobby to add in.

Prices may frighten people but there are ways to make it economical, for example, you know your client has a penchant for smoked salmon but surely that would be expensive? Easy, stack a gift as opposed to making a presentation in a basket or container. See the Elegant favor from Corporate Gifts Boston - Foccacia crisps make the ideal base for a stack of Salmon, wine cheese and a little chocolate, bowed up to look fabulous and only $28! What's wrong with that?

Elegant Favor

A little plumage can make your gift look twice as expensive and still do the job. The next time you have a Management meeting, why not have a little Corporate favor at the tables? Wafers stacked with a little truffles look adorable and classy, and are not that expensive. It may give your staff ideas for their clients the next time they are making routine sales calls. Or how about coffee cups for the meeting? Stacked with cookies, teas and coffees, this is a perfect and reasonable idea that would be great for secretaries or administrators of your clients. At times, these staff can be influential on business decisions and product usage, look after them well! Remember their birthdays, it's as easy as that.

Coffee Cup Favors

How about having a business card drawing next time you are at a trade show or fair. Again a gourmet gift can have your business items included to remind people of who you are are the next time they need service.

How about the timing of your gifts? Traditional gift giving is around the holidays, but think about it, how many gifts are given to clients/suppliers all at once? Rather than Christmas for an annual thank you, why not make your gift stand out by giving it at Thanksgiving or for New years? Or any other special time of the year?

Simple ideas that work, for more ideas and your unique Corporate gift giving, contact Corporate Gifts Boston!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Middle East - tips on gift giving

Arabian delights from

When one thinks of the Middle East, the initial thoughts are of high sand dunes, drifting sands, desert winds, Bedouin tents, Palm trees, Arab travelers on camels, maybe Lawrence of Arabia, riding into the sunset on his camel! Ha! The image of our dreams.

The Middle East of today, although having much sand and all of the above in places, is very much a Cosmopolitan place where traditions go hand in hand with the modern world that we know of in the West. Fifthth Avenue style shops and boutiques abound in the wonderfully cool, marble filled Malls and plazas gushing with water fountains. This being such a sign of wealth in the Arab world where, lets be honest, in the middle of a desert it would be considered gold.

Although these diverse and multi cultural countries are more and more open to the ways of the West, there are still boundaries that should not be crossed when giving gifts, to avoid offense or insult. The Arabs as a race are very proud and generous people, and are traditionally hospitable. There is still the way of the Bedouin, who would give his last piece of bread to a stranger who visited his campfire, even if it meant his family would go without. In turn we should acknowledge this and be aware of their customs, religious restrictions and family honor. But also note that giving gifts is a way of building relationships and doing business in the Middle East.

Islam is the predominate religion in the Middle East. The doctrines of the Koran forbid alcohol, and flesh of scavenger fish (shellfish, Lobster) and animals (Pork) or birds (ostrich). Be careful if there is a likelihood of these items being contained in food products like hot dogs, pate’s, sausages, or even Lard dripping in pastries. No alcohol and in turn be careful of certain perfumes that may contain alcohol. A great alternative if available is Oudh, which is made from tree oil. It is very popular in much of the Middle East and the Far East. Certain countries may be more tolerant than others, but it is worth noting these items when trying to decide on the correct gift for the right occasion.

Another item to watch is leather goods. Be careful with the type of skin. Pigskin or ostrich although lovely would not be appropriate. Knives are not considered polite as they have a sharp edge, which could be interpreted as a severing of a relationship. Artwork could be difficult if they were sculptures, drawings or paintings of the human body and particularly women. Dogs are considered unclean so no doggy pictures either.

A compass would be perfect for the travelers of the desert lands. Used for checking the direction of Mecca, for the call to prayer each day no matter where he may be traveling to in the World. Silver, crystal, gems, cashmere or high quality leather products of the correct type would be very good choices. Caffeine and nicotine is discouraged in the Koran, but they are hugely popular in the Middle East. In fact coffee shops have a roaring trade, as the scene of much male socializing including smoking whether cigarettes or the shishah ( hookah or hubbly bubbly!)

A Platter of dates, rosewater, nuts, and dried fruit would make wonderful gifts around the time of Ramadan or Eide one of the celebration after the fasting month. Once the Iftar canon is fired at sunset, all Muslims can break their fast and eat. ( See Arabian Delights from Corporate Gifts Boston.)

Once you have made your perfect choice, remember; never give your gift with the left hand. The left hand is used for personal hygiene and would certainly be an insult. If it is a first business meeting, don’t make the gift too lavish, it could be considered a bribe.

And most definitely do not provide a gift for an Arab’s wife if a first meeting! This would be a breach of honor.

The Arab people can make wonderful and lifelong business partners and friends. Taking the time to learn their ways and beliefs will aid you in this journey. In’shallah ! ( God willing)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

UK Hampers launch

Simple pleasures from

We are pleased and proud to announce the launch of our UK hamper range, deliverable directly in the UK with all charges included from our US website. Perfect for all your International corporate gift giving or gifts to family and friends overseas. (Alcohol included in some hampers.) We welcome your thoughts on our expanding range.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One stop shopping in Dubai!

We welcome our new link partner Quick Dubai, send gifts to friends and family in Dubai! A one stop shopping page for all that is good to buy in this International Emirate. Please peruse the site by visiting our links page.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

British hampers ordered from the US

We will shortly be adding our British hamper collection to our site for easy ordering in the US. Also our US based British or Irish gift hamper for delivery in the US (food only within US). Some include alcohol and prices include delivery. Perfect for corporate or personal gift giving in the UK. Make Corporate gifts Boston your one stop web site for International gift giving in the US!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dubai Utd Arab Emirates Hampers and gifts

Splendid Oasis from

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our Dubai Utd Arab Emirates gift hamper range! With an assortment of Arabian, Mediterranean and European delicacies there is something for everyone's gift giving in the UAE. Products can be viewed on our website and paid for in US dollars locally. Gifts to Dubai and beyond cannot be easier. We look forward to serving you.

Watch this space for the next destination that we will be posting.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Father's Day Origins

Third Sunday of June

A Man’s World from -

The first person that probably makes you laugh is your Father! In their awkward attempts to pull funny faces, cradle and croon, any thing to avoid the melancholy ear piercing wail that announces a need for food or a wet diaper! They are the one’s we look to for fixing a broken toy, the one that has the best back to climb, the one that may teach us to ride a bike or play a sport and let’s be honest, no matter what Mother does for us, the one we long to see at the end of the day as our returning hero…….

We look up to them as the future man we intend to be or the future man we intend to marry, in most cases…… They are a tower of strength, admiration and un-conditional love. Daddy…………

This is what Sonora Dodd felt when you came up with the idea of Father’s Day in 1909. She had been listening to a Mother’s day sermon and thought of how her Father had coped when he was left with a new born baby and 5 other children on the death of his wife in childbirth. He was a Father and Mother to herself and her siblings and did so selflessly with all the usual sacrifices that parents make, but all alone.

Her Father’s birthday was in June and she chose that month to hold the first father’s day celebration in Spokane Washington on the 19th June 1910. It took until 1924, for the then President Calvin Coolidge to recognize the day and support it, but it took until 1972 for Richard Nixon to sign and establish a national observance on the third Sunday in June each year.

Although the third week in June is popular in most countries, it can vary from country to country. In Germany, there is no such thing as father’s day, they celebrate Mannertag –or Herrentag, gentlemens day, and this dates way back. It is celebrated on Ascension day and usually involves a hiking trip, male only and is accompanied with a wagon laden with food and drink, wine and beer. It appears that it may have been a tradition of initiating young men into the ways of intense drinking!

Times have changed, and it is now not just the Mother that nurtures and brings up the children. Families may have both parents working, and Father helps with many of the child rearing duties, taxi-ing, feeding, cleaning, guiding and more and more being the pivot around which the family grows and evolves as well as Mother. Although still not as popular as Mother’s day, it is still a wonderful opportunity to thank and honor your Father.


Please take a look at our new links page for our friends and associates whether in the Boston New England area or Internationally. We welcome The Boston Real Estate Group.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The origin of Mother's day

Mothers Day – Mothering Sunday

UK and Ireland 4th Sunday of Lent - March 2nd 2008

USA 2nd Sunday on May – May 11th 2008 (also Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, and Belgium)

Mothers Love – from

“The Mother carries the child in her womb for 9 months and in her heart for the rest of her life……….”

What a beautiful way to sum up the meaning and significance of the word Mother. It goes to show the importance of mother in our lives. Mother stands for millions of things she gives to her children; it also stands for sacrifices pain, grief and sorrows which she has to undergo to keep her children happy and secure. The most important woman in an individual's life is her/his mother. Her presence affects us our entire life and she can't be replaced by anyone. She is on a pedestal…..

Different countries celebrate her at her different times, it’s origins are varied. Whatever, it is a time to show our gratitude and love for her, through gifts, flowers, tributes and cards. And usually she is given a break from her usual Motherly duties for the day!

Here is what antiquity has to say:-

Egypt – the festival of Isis was celebrated annually, she was known as the Mother of the Pharaohs. Her son Horus became the first pharaoh of the unified Egypt.

Ancient Greece – Mother worship at the festival of Cybele, a mother of great Gods. Held around theVernal Equinox in Rome and Asia Minor. It included eating honey cakes and sharing flowers in the morning.

Romans – celebration of Magna Mater between March 15 – 22. Games were held in honor of the Mother of the gods, Rhea. Also processions through the streets with a statue of the Goddess followed by a display of arts and crafts.

In some countries Mother’s Day began as a celebration for Christians as opposed to Mothers, for example in the 16th century in the UK, there was a Christian practice of visiting one’s mother church (the church where you were baptized) annually, which meant that a Mother would be united with her family for this day.

In the United States, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It was loosely inspired by the British mother day. Julia Ward Howard in 1870, brought forward the concept of a mother’s day after the American Civil War. It was her intention to get women to unite against the war, but it failed to get formal recognition. She even tried to get the 4th July converted to Mothers day, in order to dedicate the US anniversary to peace!

Anna Reeves Jarvis took the idea and tried to resurrect it in 1873, in order to bring together families and neighbors who had been divided by the Civil War. They called it Mother’s Friendship day. When Anna died, her daughter Anna M Jarvis, pursued the cause of celebrating the day officially in memory of her Mother and peace. It eventually worked, in 1908 the first Mother’s day celebration took place in Grafton, W Virginia at her Mother’s Sunday school church on May 10th.

White carnations (her Mother’s favorite) were given to each person and 2 to each Mother. Today white carnations honor the deceased, pink and red for all those Mother’s alive. By 1909, 46 states were celebrating the day, plus parts of Canada and Mexico. In 1914 Woodrow Wilson, declared the first National Mother’s day, for citizens to show the flag in honor of Mother’s who had lost sons in war.

It is now one of the most commercially successful occasions in the US. A day to eat out, give cards, flowers and gifts, and a day I personally always look forward to!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

International Gift hamper news! Dubai UAE

We are pleased to confirm that we are looking at the ability to send gifts within the United Arab Emirates based in Dubai! My old town. Watch the web site and blog for any further news.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Part 7 Marketing!

The frenetic first 2 months of my business were an amazing learning curve, but I was up to it. My gifts were starting to create referrals, a recipient would contact me to do their last minute Christmas orders, great! I was adaptable and conscious of their need for personalization and this seemed to be my niche. Plus my penchant for using fine end American and European products, along with a dream to create looks that were a little different than the norm.

Now that Christmas was over, came the time to really start the business. Marketing an internet business! I learnt some new words, ‘blog’, ‘ad-words’, ‘links’ and ‘showcase’, 'google analytics' ( a must and my favorite tool!), and away I went on my next adventure !

To my old adage:-

Life is a journey not a destination, come travel with me!

The Brit who has seen and lived in much of the world, will now discover it through the traditions and customs of their gift giving. ( A taste of Asia shown)

Watch this space!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Part 6 boxes little boxes - shipping my nemeses!

It’s amazing how resilient and adaptive one becomes when a ‘clanger’ threatens to ruin all you have accomplished thus far. Hey, so I will amend my business cards and brochures with wonderful Avery stickers! So my beautiful olive green and gold embossed ‘gift baskets etc.’ ribbon can now be descriptive ribbon as opposed to the name of my business! Ta da! And what a great reason to have to go back to all those gift recipients and supply a brochures and courtesy note regarding your impromptu name change. Hey you have to see the glass half full!

The shipping of gifts was a lesson in itself. They looked magnificent! But alas, did I have the right size boxes to ship them? Could I squeeze them into a slightly smaller box and what about my wonderful pom pom hand made bows? I tried a card collar, it made them look like a pet collar, like the ones they get at the vets office to prevent them licking their wounds! I bent down the plumage ready to be puffed up again on receipt. Hmmmmm. It worked but, the taller the boxes the more expensive the shipping! Over to the United States Postal Service, much cheaper for those bigger boxes. Got to have a secondary form of shipping.

Lesson four Go for lower handled baskets or trays, still look utterly fabulous but easier on the check book…….. plus put your ‘to die for bows’ on the side or make them simpler and still elegant with a simple tied bow. Wire ribbon can still look ‘manifique’ when tied simply and twisted this way and that.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Part 5 changing names part way!

Finally I managed to understand and sort through the many things that were needed to get started and the web went live! Bells and whistles were blowing, e mails flying and I couldn’t be stopped! Then woe is me, a Company was threatening me with injunctions for copyright on names. To make it worse it was 3 weeks before Christmas, and I was sorting out my biggest order.

Lesson two. Thoroughly check out the name you have chosen for your business by web sites, directories and, if you can get the Federal department who allocates you an EIN number to confirm if there are limited companies as well as DBA businesses with that name! The ignorance of the newcomer……. Didn’t see the name exactly on any web pages, and anything similar shouldn’t matter should it? So what if there is only a hyphen difference in the web page domain name?

I had to change name one month in, due to conflict with an opposing Company, but, it actually did me a favor. I have managed to get links with my new name much more easily due to its sound and descriptive tone, plus it has the ‘ABC’ beginning title that gets to the top of lists without realizing that what I had chosen was of benefit to me.

Lesson three. Choose a name within the ABC rankings if you can!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Part 4 Starting a Gift Basket business - Lessons to learn!

Then came, ‘Corporate Gifts Boston’. Well actually that is a fabrication, then came Gift Baskets etc. to be explained soon. My new business that was launched through this love of gift giving and creativity.

After training with a lovely Company in Denver on the business of making baskets professionally, I came back to Boston with gusto and started the process of attaining national vendors, local vendors, commenced the set up of the website with help and patience of my web master. I say with patience as I had no clue as to what was needed from my end to start up a website. Pix re-sizing? What was that? Thumbnails, pixels and bites, hey this is a new language. Me administer the site after? I might delete everything! Not that I was completely computer illiterate but, come on, that was a lot to learn as well as everything else. And then there was shipping costs……… this was the bane of my life. What do you mean put an average shipping price on each basket to cover the cost any where in the country!!! Then add extensions? What did hair pieces have to do with it???? Yes I had a lot to learn……. Throw in a 4 year old and a husband and apartments to up keep and my life was full.

Lesson One. Make sure you have a checklist of needs from your Web designer before you embark on this journey, then there will be no surprises!

The easy part, after a few false attempts was the precious logo that I found and adapted, the epicurean style Olive branch taken in memory of my daughter, Olivia. The old French word meaning Olive tree. One has to have some personal memories included, don’t you think?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Part 3 - children and Politically correct

The childrens baskets………. I was in my element picking colorful items that I knew the little one’s would long to un wrap, mixing books, plates, candies and useful items that even Mum would approve of. Art supplies, colored paper scrolls wrapped in ribbon, stamp and ink pads, special pens and coloring implements, it was such fun to mix all these with little animals and flower picks to give the kids, reminiscent of the joy that my friend had so long ago that first time. My little girl’s friends were the recipients for each season. Such fun and giggles in a basket or gift bag.

It really does make sense to personalize your gifts according to custom, event or personality. Especially in this world of carbon cut merchandise, take it or leave it with little hope of customer service. For example a politically correct gift in business can go a long way in showing respect and appreciation for your client, colleague or potential business associate, without being over the top, too gauche and in some areas of the world offensive. Watch for the upcoming gift giving around the world that may help if differing nationalities are involved. Plus, it’s fascinating even if you don’t need the politically correct gift!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Administrative professionals Week and Day

Administrative Professionals week and Day April 27th 2011

Does anyone know when this started and who it is meant to target?

Well believe it or not, it’s beginnings took place during World War II in the US, when there was a call up for office clerk and secretarial staff to man the home front and office front taking the place of the men who generally held these posts and were taken away to serve their country in another way. In 1942 the association was first set up as the National Secretaries Association.
In 1952 National Secretaries week was sponsored by the then National Secretaries Association. This body has since become the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) in 2000.
It was intended to reward secretaries for their loyalty, efficiency and skills, which were so heavily relied upon to make the mechanics of government and business run smoothly. The association started in Kansas City, soon moving to more chapters in different States and eventually to chapters outside the US. Certified examinations were set up in 1952 to join the association.
It is observed the last full week in April with Wednesday set aside as Administrative Professionals Day.
IAAP continues to provide education and training and set standards of excellence recognized by the business community on a global perspective. Our present and future vision is "to inspire and equip all administrative professionals to attain excellence."
Today, managers and CEO’s reward their staff in a number of ways. Whether in the form of a gift or training reward. What better way that to provide gesture of appreciation than a little gourmet gift.

Check for other suitable ideas on our pages.

Part 2 How it began

Grandma was a must for the Irish teas, and European cookies lead by her hailing from the land of the Shamrock, along with fine bone china tea cup and saucer, surrounded by chocolates and wrapped candles plus of course the Holly and the Ivy and good quality English lavender soaps.

The Health conscious friend who appreciated the array of nuts, dried fruit, wholegrain pastas, cheeses and crackers plus some body empowering health bars.

Then that one who had to have everything fattening and ‘naughty’ and generously covered in chocolate, decadence in a basket! What a way to go she would say, not forgetting the bottle of Merlot placed jauntily at the back for stability and cheekily peering over the feast with a personalized wine glass by it’s side.

Yes, I was starting to enjoy this gift giving mularky, it was actually fun. The more I did it, the more inventive I got and the better the gifts turned out. And as for the bows and ribbons, well, they became more and more frivolous and better turned out as I experimented with shades and types of wired ribbons as opposed to Satins and weaves.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Part 1 The art of gift giving - My story

Here is the beginning of my tale, how it started and where my business is today. Read with interest and watch for futher info's on gift giving around the world with Corporate Gifts Boston!

That time of year has arrived again, and oh the dread of what do I buy them?? Whether a birthday, an anniversary or Hannukah or Christmas. They have everything! Either they are elderly and would have no interest in the frivolous items that the shops market constantly or they have reached that place in their life where they just have it all or they are too darn fussy for anyone to know what they would like or hate!

This was my dilemma many years ago with a dear friend who had it all. So, I decided to buy my best friend a bamboo trinket box with drawers and fill each drawer with various small fancies of things that she, like a child, would love to un-wrap and chortle over with glee. I was right, she loved it! I mixed candies with soaps shaped like cherubs and lace doilies and cookies and notepaper etc.etc. Such a pot-pourri but it had the desired effect of being a surprise within a surprise and this made me continue with my ‘different’ gift giving each season for not just her, but all my friends and family.