Thursday, October 15, 2015

Corporate and Business year end gifts US and International

It's that time again when Businesses and Companies start thinking of how to thank their clients and colleagues.

We at Corporate Gifts Boston have been arranging US delivered gifts and International gifts for our clients for 9 years now.   Often with pre arranged custom priced gifts that we create to ship across the US, or source with our International agents on your behalf.

Give us the list and the pricepoints and we will do the work!

Here are some US based favors that can be shipped in quantities and have already been priced for you.

Boston gift baskets
                                      Small business favor priced at $15 each plus shipping

Boston gift baskets
                                    Medium business favor priced at $21 each plus shipping.

Boston gift baskets

                                                               Both favors together

Boston gift baskets
                                                                 The Festive stack $34
                Popular Christmas gift that includes no container to keep the price within budget.

We can of course arrange for local or shipped delivery of quantities of these if needed to be handed out yourselves from your Office bases.

We can look at any International destination for gifts and regularly send to Europe, Puerto Rico, UK, Canada, Dubai & the Emirates, Australia, South Africa and Ireland.

Please call us on

781 562 0558 so that we can discuss your needs in advance of the busy Season that lays ahead.